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"An eye for an eye
makes the whole world blind."

"It is only the truth
that can make a man free."

"Meditation on finite things will not bring release from
the bonds of illusion. If you do use an object
to meditate upon, then you should meditate on the
infinity within that object.
(The limited ego needs to be dissolved in the illumination.)
You can meditate on the infinity within the mind itself.
This allows the ego to expand to infinity,
becoming one with the universe.
The Divine Source and the inner light become one.
Achieving this alignment can take time though,
so in the early stages of learning to meditate
it is better to start with smaller aims.
At first the concept of meditation is only an idea,
and the reality beyond the mind just an assumption,
but as the meditation goes deeper, there are flashes
of experience, then the concept becomes at least
as real as the body.
By the end, the body, the mind, and the universe as
we know it, will be recognized as being illusory.
Then, gradually, the Divine Light Force
becomes fully manifest as Bliss,
and the whole universe turns into Light."

"The hypothesis that cause and effect may occur simultaneously, certainly faster than the speed of light,
is now being seriously investigated. Scientists are
proposing that, for this to be possible, everything must
be interconnected. This interconnection of all in time
and space, while keeping this connection as a 'memory', would provide a 'universal consciousness' capable
of evolving the world.
A Fifth Field or Quantum Vacuum has been postulated
to exist as physics has found a point where all traditional
forms of energy appear to vanish, and a new set of virtual
energies with properties that correspond to the measurable
energies of the Universe appear. This zero point seems
to be the source of all the energy in our universe.
It is proposed that our physical universe floats upon a
virtual sea of energy that lies below or beyond the zero
point - sometimes referred to as the Dirac-sea (after
Paul Dirac, a great mathematician of the quantum era).
These new ideas are changing concepts in physics
as fundamental as mass, gravity, distance, and time.
In the theory of the quantum vacuum, matter comes into
existence when the virtual energy of the Dirac-sea
interacts with electromagnetic waves to make
holographic patterns on the sea. The speed of these
virtual energy waves has been calculated to be
one billion times the speed of light."

"Learning - is finding out what you already know.
Doing - is demonstrating that you know it.
Teaching - is reminding others that they know
just as well as you."

"When you live in the flow,
you live connected to the abundant supply
of energy in the universe."

What is "Radiance" or Healing?
explains spiritual healing as i practice it
What is healing
What happens during a healing session?
What can healing do for me?
What about Julia as a healer?

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"Divine Spirit of Light
We ask you to draw close, to protect and guide us.
We ask that we always be open to greater possibilities
and greater truths, so that we may use these
with wisdom in our own lives, for the good of ourselves
and for the good of all. We ask in love."

"Always ask the patient's higher self (soul) for
permission to give healing, and for their help
in channelling it to where it is most needed.
Sometimes, even though the physical person may sit
in your chair and ask for help, the soul may yet
not wish to receive it! Sometimes people have
greater lessons to learn from their troubles
and if you heal them too soon you may be taking
away their opportunity to learn those lessons.
Also, the situation, or a similar one would only be
repeated later so that they face what they must learn.
Anyway, if you try to channel healing when it does
not seem wanted, then it may be of little effect.
The soul knows all this even if the physical person
does not. Do not be afraid to explain this to your
patient if you feel that the soul does not wish
to accept your offer of healing!
This also applies to distant healing."

"There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands.
You seek problems because you need their gifts."

"The bond that links your true family is not of blood
but of respect and joy in each other's lives."

"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift - that's why it's called the present."

Snippets from Celestial 911 by Robert B Stone PH.D.
(see reviews page)

The world is made up of interconnected energy fields that include space and time.
The mind fills the cosmos and beyond. It is part of a universal intelligence.
The human mind can trigger changes in natural laws as we are its creators.
Expect the best from people, but forgive mistakes.
Expect solutions. Expect abundance. Be grateful.
Feel safe and you will be safe.
See yourself as loving and gentle and you will become so.
Picture yourself as perfect every day and you will move towards that perfection.
Visualise a required outcome. Visualise yourself or your patient as re-aligning with the blueprint of their perfect selves, happy healthy...balanced and whole.
Add light to the picture.
Ask for an angel's help. Explain your need. Give thanks.
Direct spiritual conversations to a specific source so as to not invite pranksters. (ask for highest source available)
Be pure of intent.
Affirm that lady luck is with you, part of your all-encompassing consciousness.
Affirm that your consciousness is one with universal
consciousness, and that universal life energy
surges through you as you go forth.


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