MEDIATION with Julia

As a trained counsellor, I have worked as a mediator, particularly acting to help children and
their families to better communicate and understand each other through difficult emotional times,
sometmes acting as a mentor, advocate, or counsellor for a child or young person as well.

I have also helped couples continue to communicate through difficult situations such as divorce
or to repair situations after misunderstandings have occurred in their relationship.

I enjoy being able to help all family members.

45 per hour in person

Mediation is usually best done person to person, either one at a time, or with both or all parties together.
However, it is sometimes possible or even useful to be able to work via the post, email, or phone.

15 ($30) per half hour by post    
Book 3 get 4th free    
15 ($30) per half hour by email    
Book 3 get 4th free    
20 ($40) per half hour by phone    
Book 3 get 4th free    

How to book & pay for Consultations by email, post, or phone.


Life Coaching, Counselling, Mediation, Stress Consultations, Healing, Thai foot massage,
Meditation, Personal Development Guides, Workshops,
Poetry in Schools, Writing (articles, books etc), Art.

An holistic approach to life = Don't just DO it, LIVE it.