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This is our comedy TEA club page
(some prefer to call it a tea drinking 'society')

Good morning, and welcome!
Would you like a croissant with your coffee or tea?
No thanks I only came here to escape my cross aunt
when she turned up unexpectedly on the doorstep.

  Whatever the weather – in Britain we drink tea.
Almost everyone in the country
Belongs to the Tea Drinking Society.

Skittish and British – what a combo!
We have Salvadore Dalai to thank for all the orange teaspoons.

Baby Salvadore insisted on having only blue ones for his porridge.

Miss Chief is our Cook of the Week.

Thanks to the Big Knee from Vesuvimus for one more saucer
(which we have weighted down to ensure it does not take off).
Be careful what you say today - there's wicked folk who like to play the fool.
Be even more careful what you eat and drink - it's not as safe as you might think.

The Right Honourable Irreverrend House Martin welcomes you to yet another evening of delight and relish with your dripping gutters and muddy eaves this winter.

Impressions right from the beginning are that we might be needing more paraffin lamps, greasy pies and treacle pudding. 
(Well if you don’t finish the pudding, you can use the rest to repair your nests.)

Now Children, what have you been tweeting?

The Unraisonable Commentator Reports that :
The very Irreverend Simpson is looking in and out of windows in a very curious fashion.
We are not sure if he has made an exciting discovery or if he is trying to avoid the conversation.
Colonel Smellyov has commented that there seem to be a lot of flies about.
Canon Loose Fodder tends to stumble around over the saucepans, his glasses steaming up evermore, dribbling into the stew and dumplings.
Certain memebers who only come a few times a year seem to be kept in, in bred, and well fed on pastry and potatoes.

Bank notes vs food floats.
People swim / Banks sink.
Community can set you free,
Especially if you all drink tea.

How to create your abundance with ImagineOtealeaves
First imagine your tea leaves are anything you want them to be.
Now stick them together as if you are joining the dots
to make the idea firm.
Trust that it IS.
(If you want any further help, come to our workshop for sixpence)

Steaming windows and screaming pot-plants.  Curled up carpet edges and leaking radiators.  Vasco Digitarium on the organ with all his thirteen fingers.
Hot custard and gravy with everything to try to help keep you warm.  And always more tea.


Mrs Owl : “How Now Brown Cow”
Mr Owl : “How many times do I have to tell you - I’m not a Cow!
Wtf have you been drinking?
Mrs Owl : “Oh I've been to that lovely tea club down the road.
Full of society people you know, they appreciate wisdom,
they know a wise owl when they see one, even if disguised in pink scarves.
Mr Owl: "Really, maybe I'll go with you next time.”
Mrs Owl: "Typical."

Special Guests next month.
They left home day before yesterday to come and join us.

  "Would some other Aspect of the oneness please make us all tea? This Aspect is busy doing what it does best."
Mushroom Tea maybe?

The laughing giraffe has come to visit this page
because she still only has one scarf.
Please - is there anyone in the tea drinking society who can help?
She has such a long neck that she will gratefully accept
any offers of spare scarves going begging,
or offers from kind friendly knitters
as long as they can knit quite quickly
as the cold in this country has been quite unexpected.

Miss Touch-Your-Hat does not wear scarves very much
but she firmly believes in keeping a hold of a good hat or several


Infinite diagonal concurrence has occurred at the precise point in the universe
that will cause mimetic spongling to be transmitted to all sectors,
and I’m afraid that your tea is bound to become affected,
please don't be too concerned though - the after effects are minimal.

You can exchange cups of tea and bad jokes
all the war to Vesuvimus. 
Just be careful you don't overflow.
It me be very difficult to put you back.

See what you can see, feel what you can feel, get the whole damn deal.

Do come and join us on if you are interested in conscious evolution and sustainable communities.

What's the point of not having fun in life?
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