Healing in Dorking in Surrey UK with Healer Julia Woodman


Healing in Dorking in Surrey UK
with Healer Julia Woodman
phone: 07955-210252 / 07707-200-494 / 01306-500-425

What is Radiance Healing?

Radiance is my personal name for my brand of Spiritual Healing.
It is a natural technique for stress relief, enhancing the body’s own healing powers,
and promoting wholeness and balance.

It a completely non-invasive complementary therapy based on the use of universal energy
to restore physical, emotional and mental health and boost the immune system.

Spiritual Healing is the channelling of Universal/Holy Life Healing Energy
from the Source of All That Is, through a healer, to a patient,
but it is not necessary to hold any particular faith - it is effective no matter what your beliefs.

My best description in general terms of what the energy is
is Timeless & Boundless Loving LIGHT - that is why I call it Radiance.
It is usually directed through the hands, sometimes touching and sometimes not.

It relaxes, clears blocks, replaces any depletion of energy, balances, energizes
and boosts the body’s own processes/immune system.

Healing can be used for any condition or illness and has the advantage of being non-invasive,
therefore without side effects.

Healing is complementary to any other therapy or treatment.
Patients are always advised to contact their Doctors about any medical condition.
Healing is not a substitute or alternative.
Healing is recognised by the NHS as a therapy
and the GMC permits doctors to refer patients to healers.

Healers may attend hospital in-patients who request their services.
Healing can help prepare patients for surgery, reducing anxiety, shock, pain, medication needs,
and the amount of time spent in hospital, generally speeding up recovery.

Spiritual Healing penetrates the deepest levels of a person’s being where many illnesses have their origin,
for example stress, tension, and fatigue - so that symptoms disappear when the cause is revealed and removed.
Changes in attitude and quality of life often follow.

The power of nature to enable us to help ourselves, recognised for thousands of years,
has been overshadowed in modern times by the growing emphasis on technology.
It is this power which spiritual healers seek to tap,
addressing illness and injury at its source and aiding recovery
at all levels of the patient’s being.

What Happens During A Radiance Healing Session?

The sessions will be informal and relaxing. The first one may be up to an hour long,
with subsequent ones being slightly shorter. Proper and confidential records will be kept throughout.
You will not be asked to remove any clothing except coat, hat, and shoes perhaps.

You will be either seated on a chair, or lying on a couch.
You will be encouraged to discuss how you feel, and the process will be explained.
You will be invited to breathe deeply, relax, and close your eyes if you wish.
It helps to imagine you are in some place you love especially.

Relaxing music will also be on offer.

Healers generally work with their hands a short distance from the body
to start with and then will use a light touch if you have given permission.

Patients receiving healing may experience coolness, heat, tingling,
or the sensation that their pain is rising to the surface and dispersing.
Sometimes they feel nothing, but still benefit.
Benefits are not always immediate, sometimes they may emerge gradually

What can Radiance Healing do for me?

It can help with a wide range of physical and psychological difficulties.
It is a process of revitalisation, relaxation, and release
at a very profound level that helps your body to adjust and heal

It seeks out the underlying cause as well as the presenting symptom -
this can mean the outcome my be beneficial in an unexpected way.

You may experience some emotional relief as part of the process.

Healing is often about restoring balance to your life,
about feelings, and about your relationship with yourself, and others.
It can be especially helpful in crisis situations and with terminal illness.

Healing in Dorking in Surrey UK with Healer Julia Woodman
45 per session of about an hour (first visit usually longer).
I mostly do home visits at the moment.
[Packages of 10 sessions for 400 / 6 sessions for 250 / or 4 for 175 are also available.
the 6 session option is usually most appropriate, but you could share the 10 session one between 2 people.

What about Julia as a Healer?

Julia has trained through the National Federation of Spiritual Healers
and abides by their code of conduct.
She has been Chairperson of Fleet Centre (Hampshire)
and has been involved in training others.
She also uses her intuition to a high degree.

"My aim is a return to the original perfection of self.
At their best, all Healing systems bring with them a Holy reminder of Innocence
and the memory of this Original Perfect Self.
Apart from the step-by-step loving therapeutic process of dealing with each ailment
or issue as it arises, this enables the body-mind-soul paradigm to recognise what it is
that it needs to return to as a whole pattern of being."

Julia is also a Life Coach and Counsellor
and writes personal development guides, articles, and books,
plus she runs workshops

Please ring or email for an appointment, or use our
46a Marlborough Hill, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2DD, England

phone: 07955-210252 / 07707-200-494 / 01306-500-425

I mostly now come to visit you at home if you are in Surrey or nearby edges of other counties,
or I can do phone or email consultations.

Unmarried under 18 year olds must be accompanied by parents or guardians
who must first take them to their doctor if there is a medical condition, or must sign a form to say that they have been told this.

It is also possible to request distant healing, and animal healing (more info below).

Julia practices Sound Healing as a speciality which is quite unique (see below).

Terms & Conditions

Julia (Jay) is also a professional poet,
diviner/geopathic stress consultant,


This exciting method of healing directs specific sounds into different parts of the body.
It uses elongated vowel sounds projected so that the harmonics or overtones can be heard,
combined with some very pure chant like balancing tones,
and can have a delightful and profound healing effect on all body systems.

I searched a long time before I found the right person to teach me these methods.
When I first experienced a session with her myself it felt absolutely marvellous!
I have still never come across anyone else who does it this way.

Every part of our body vibrates at different rates and this differs from person to person,
so intuition is the major factor in choosing the right vowel sounds and notes to use.
The work is channeled in a flow of sounds and directed via intent or thought, accentuated by hand movements.

The patient sitting in the chair can feel the sounds moving around his or her body,
and can sometimes sense heat, colours or shapes.

It is as if the healer is playing their body like an instrument, tuning and balancing and smoothing out any problems.
Healing in Dorking in Surrey UK with Healer Julia Woodman


Healing can be aided by visualizations
of colour and beautiful places
Colours link to regions of the body
and show us meaning in the way
we sense them.
See page about colour/frequencies.

Click here to see some of my art.

Julia also works with Young People
& Families as a Life Coach & Counsellor


Julia also conducts meditation groups
let her know if you are interested
in these or other workshops.

And she writes personal
& spiritual evelopment guides.

Julia has had many books of poetry
published and does readings in
schools & festivals.



I have always felt in tune with the stillness and power of nature, the source of inspiration and creativity,
the sense of one-ness and perfection of the universe, the interconnectedness of all things and beings.

I believe that we choose at least some of our experiences and whether we learn or do not learn from them.
We choose in how we act and what we say, who we are being in each moment on this planet,
and whether we are living in harmony with it or not, and in harmony with our truest deepest selves.
So often we fight against it all, everything out there as well as within ourselves, when we could so easily be at peace.
If we surrender the incessant ego chatter of our minds we can find this authentic self within.

It is about living in a state of awareness beyond the limited illusion generally accepted as reality.
It is about expanding our consciousness to include greater possibilities of truth and love,
moving beyond the fear that holds us back from discovering the world and ourselves afresh,
from recognizing the absolute essence of life, and accepting the bliss that is available to us all.

What you think affects what your life is like, and everyone has the power to change their thinking.
Healing brings a shift in your energy system, relaxing you, and returning you to a state of balance
physically, emotionally, and mentally.
You then quite naturally tend to think again about where and who you are.
You can quite literally allow yourself to be sick or allow yourself not to be!


I have done quite a bit of this, from cats and dogs to racehorses - and in fact it is where I started out
because as a child growing up in the Drakensberg mountains in Africa,
the wild animals used to come to me and let me fondle them.
I did not know exactly what I was doing then of course, but I do now!
If I am healing people with animals, the animals usually end up becoming involved
one way or another because they are so good at sensing what is happening.
Animals are much more aware of what they need than humans generally are,
and tend to present you with particular parts of their bodies for attention.
The law states that you must take an animal to the vet if there is something wrong with it
before taking it to a healer. I will not be allowed to work with an animal if you have not done so.


If you cannot get to see me, or wish to request distant healing for a friend or relative,
then you may
email me the name and situation and I will do healing by distant ceremony and prayer.
A description or photo of the person can help if you like, but is not necessary.
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46a Marlborough Hill, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 2DD

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