Golden Choices - Introduction


and the
Golden Choices Agency

Taking Stress Relief, Creativity, and Personal Development concepts into Education, Business, and Other Arenas.
Specializing in Workshops and Coaching
with Young People:
1) Business, 2) Education, 3) Inter-Agency, 4) NHS Groups

Julia Woodman has a Diploma in Advanced Counselling Skills
(including working with families and children)
and is a CCC Registered Counsellor and an Associated Stress Consultants Member,
and is also a Life Coach.

She has Schools, Youth & Community Work, plus Creative Project & Workshop experience and full CRB Clearance.

 She has worked in many diverse venues around the UK and in the USA including appearances
on radio and TV, and her written work has been widely published.

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She is also involved in therapeutic work, and helps train others. 

She believes in empowering people to help themselves, and is good at reaching
the ‘hard to reach’ through intuitive use of her skills.


07955-210252 / 07707-200494


Julia has had many books of poetry published, and has worked around the UK and abroad
and has done much Poetry, Art, Creative, Spiritual, and Environmental Networking

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