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Taking Stress Relief, Creativity, and Personal Development concepts into Businesses.

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main 07955-210-252 / admin 07707-200-494

for work in the Education and Inter-Agency Sectors please take this link

The Business Sector

Group workshops, followed by individual (max 1 hr) coaching / mentoring / counselling sessions,
and/or by individual telephone sessions booked as needed - evenings and weekends.

Employees at all levels discover more direction and purpose, motivation, openness and resourcefulness.
They will release tensions and negative issues related to the workplace and become more positive
and focussed employees who will be more productive and add greater benefit to the company.

When any business re-organisation is in progress it can be very helpful to work with employees
to help manage the inherent stress of such occasions. Businesses which invest in their people
ahead of such events find it easier to make transitions, and benefit from more positive
employee engagement throughout the change, as well as experiencing improved feedback.

One day of (up to 3) workshops (ideally about 2 hrs each) / max 20 people per workshop = 250
but we can discuss different timeframes / numbers should you wish
and of course we can do more than one day's worth of workshops if required
(can be followed by individual or phone sessions - see below to add these options)

After adding the first day of workshops above, then add individual session days (max 5 people x 1 hr each per day)
1 extra day (max 5 people) / 2 extra days (max 10 people) / 3 extra days (max 15 people) / 4 extra days (max 20 people) / etc
so add 150 per extra day needed

We are also available for evening/weekend telephone counselling / coaching / stress busting calls or emails.
These should be done from each persons home.
25 per person.
Book as many single one-to one phone or email sessions as you want
by using this Single Session button as many times as you need to or by changing the quantity section.


4) We can also offer NHS workshops - 60 for one and a half hours (plus travel)
Ideal for work with support and recovery groups
or call / email to arrange & pay on the day



If you are a business wishing to sponsor projects in the Education or Inter-Agency sectors
we would love to hear from you.

There is a donate button below if you wish to support these projects.
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See Information about our work with Young People via the Education and Inter Agency Sectors


BIOGRAPHY – Julia Woodman

Have been on Meridian 6pm TV demonstrating stress management session.

Qualified Stress Consultant
(Business / Inter-Agency / NHS / Personal)
Counsellor (including family & relationship & children),
Life Coach (Private consultations to help Identify & Reach Goals),
Holistic Therapist (including work with the elderly), and helps train others,
Personal Advisor to Young People working towards Independence after Leaving Care.
Experience with all ages (including special needs work, community & youth work,
and creative workshops in schools, festivals and arts centres).
Also Surrey Youth Foum & Service User Involvement Lead.

CRB checked



main 07955-210-252 / admin 07707-200-494

Julia Woodman

Julia also works in the area of
- Life Design -
Personal Development
GUIDES (by email or post) / and WORKSHOPS
20 (inc cover/postage) or email 15

Julia has had many books of poetry published, and has worked around the UK and abroad.
and has done much Poetry, Art, Creative, Spiritual, and Environmental Networking

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